Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Once a hater, always a hater

Sim discusses a post at Dodger Thoughts last night. I'd actually read that in the afternoon as well. Frankly, I didn't think the analogy worked but maybe it's just me.

As for Sim and his visceral hatred of all things Dodger, well I have a couple of questions:

1) How you lovin' 4th place and that sub-.500 record?

2) We know what Jon at Dodger Thoughts attributes the early success to. What do you attribute it to?

Personally, the more I read and re-read this take, the more I think there's something to it: "Milton[Bradley] very definitely has assumed the responsibility of leadership and with that comes complete consistency with his behavior," Tracy said. "He is stepping up big time, and he needs to do nothing further from the standpoint of leadership other than to go out and play as hard as he has played thus far."

Bradley is hitting .362 while slugging .702 with an OBP of .392 and OPS of 1.094. Not shabby, and while Kent wins the stat-fight the fact that Tracy points to Bradley as the straw-that-stirs this club I think is more revealing than any Kent-Gibson analogies, however true or accurate.

If you back up and look big-picture, it comes down to the offense. The Dodgers are the best offensive team in the NL and rank second only to Detroit(!) in the majors. In terms of pitching, they're average; only 13th in the NL in Team ERA for instance. Will that be good enough over the long haul? Don't know, but unless and until the bats quiet down we're not gonna find out. In the meantime, I'll take the 10-2 record, the 3 1/2 game division-lead (largest in the majors at the moment), the 9-2 record against the West, and a 3-game sweep against the Friers.

BTW, did you know that the Dodgers won last year's season series with San Diego? Who knew...


Simian Logician said...

I think there is something to the Bradley argument. I was thinking the same thing on Sunday.

At the same time, he's looked docile before. Not saying leopards can't change their spots but we will need to see a lot more from Bradley before stamping this USDA approved.

Paul Hogue said...

True enough.

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