Friday, April 08, 2005

Hard to escape Human Nature

Michael at Christian Conservative has a boil-it-down-to-it's-essence type of evaluation of certain folks' behavior. Warning: Members of the Reality-Based Community may find it too simplistic to merit any attention. I on the other hand think it describes to a tee a certain aspect of human nature that is inescapable. Whether you consider yourself reason-based or not...

Worldly people long to be loved. This is why actors and musicians would rather cut the throats of anyone standing in the way of fame and worldly glory. They want to be famous, adored and loved. The Left is troubled that America’s foreign policy has an isolating effect on our relations with other nations, because they want America to be loved. Secularists despise the very sound of the words “moral values,” because it carries with it religious overtones that appear judgmental and unloving. Worldly people long to be loved. We all do really, but to us being loved isn’t as important as doing what’s right. There comes a time when we all need to decide which is more important.

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