Monday, March 21, 2005

God is good...

all the time!

A praise that escapes the lips of many a Christian in recognition of who and what God is, not just what he is capable of. Including the two that live in my house.

I wrote here on Friday about our sick puppy and the equally sick veterinary bill. On Saturday we saw another tiny example of God's goodness in our lives.

Last month, my wife and I finally got around to refinancing our home. Not because of laziness, but by virtue of our bad-deal-first-mortgage and the existing second we'd taken out in '03, we were only finally able to do this at the first of the year. We closed on Feb 15th and the last thing to do was wait for a refund from both loan-holders of any money still in our escrow accounts.

About a week ago we got the first check from the second. Saturday there was a check in the mail from the firm that held our first: $866 dollars. When you sum the two checks, we received back an amount of money almost exactly equal to the total vet bill for Cassie's treatment last week.

God is good...all the time!

And as if to emphasize the point, we received a family email informing us that my wife's cousin who has been in Iraq with the US Marines is awaiting final processing with his unit for their return to the states. He expects to be back in the US by the end of the week!

God is good...all the time!


Conners said...

I'm so happy to hear Cassie has returned to her healthy young self
once again. Oblivious of the cost that it took to make her well, yet as a family member, how could we say no. Plus with God in our corner loving us as well as Cassie, He shows his love in return by providing for us in miraculous ways. Thank you for the heart warm update.
(hope you don't receive this comment more than once. I was having a hard time getting this one to go through.)

Paul Hogue said...

Thanks for the well-wishes!

While I never feared the absolute worst--Parvo--it was not fun waiting and wondering to find out what exactly was going on with her.

I knew she was feeling herself again on Saturday morning before I took her back to the vet for one final follow-up since she was back to antagonizing big sister mercilessly!

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