Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Legal and moral responses

I emailed my post "Legally Right and Morally Wrong," to several Christian bloggers that I've come to respect, some in a very short time even. I invited each of these bloggers to comment on the content of the post and even to link or respond at their own sites if there was enough of a dialog to begin having on the subject.

The responses I've received thus far are pretty much in agreement in saying that the civil disobedience (as Hugh Hewitt has called it) some are pushing is the wrong approach. I especially liked this response from Michael Gallaugher at Christian Conservative:

WWJD? Jesus would have reacted squarely in the face of the Justices, and the “husband” Michael I’m pretty sure. And believe the Father will ultimately deal with the people on the last day. But while we're hear on earth, it's critical we keep the moral language consistent with the Bible, and common decency.

In practical terms, we should remind others that a judicial system so divorced from righteousness will only produce justice by coincedence, and need to put the moral and the legal into once argument - as you have. I’m working on a writing that goes into the moral identity of the Judeo-Christian ideal in greater depth that I’ll post later.

And I'll look forward to reading it!

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