Friday, March 18, 2005

More money than brains

I suppose it's the kind of problem you can learn to live with fairly easily, but I don't get this.

The 76 Union station on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu is doing brisk business despite self-serve pumps selling regular unleaded at three dollars, five cents a gallon and supreme unleaded at three dollars, 15 cents.

For Malibu residents who don't want to step out of their luxury cars or S-U-Vs, full serve pumps are selling fuel at three dollars, 33 cents for regular and three dollars, 38 cents for supreme.

Having gone to school in Malibu, I'm well aware of what it takes to live there. Even if you're not Steven-Spielberg-rich, you do need a serious bankroll. But $3.38-a-gallon for gas?!

Maybe rich people really do light their cigars with $100 dollar bills...

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