Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quick observations

I'm heart-sick and it's making me cranky.

My wife's grandmother died of a heart-attack one year ago today. She is inconsolable on this anniversary and there is not much that I can do beyond what I have already to console her: pray for her and keep telling her I love her!

I am heart-sick watching a society say it's fine with killing an innocent woman in a hospital bed. In the course of urging people to grow in a relationship with Christ, my old pastor used to ask the question, "Does your heart break over the things that God cares about?" This whole question offers an inkling into God's heart and mind. How must it break over the way we deal with each other? And yet, so full of love for us in spite of it all...

This is all working it's way out in things like the post about Bonds and the fact that there is a serious lack of any deep or meaningful comment around here today. What can I say?

I'm heart-sick and it's making me cranky.

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