Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

James Doohan, best-known as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, died early this morning at home in Redmond, Washington.

Though I'm accused of being a Trekkie (read: Geek) by many, I can honestly say I've never attended a single Star Trek convention in my life. And I never will.

Even so, I can say that I've seen every episode of the original series at least a dozen times each. While I'll leave the impassioned proclamations of the greatness of Chief Scott to others, I will say that he created one of the more memorable characters in that original series and that without him it would not have been the same show.


Simian Logician said...


The best one ever, however, was this two-parter:

Pike was masterful.

Trouble with Tribbles was also good.

Paul Hogue said...

Useless Trivia time:

Growing up I use to always hear about how one of my mother's friends (old school chum; you know,the "We've been friends since kindergarten," sort of thing) was married to the guy who got the screenwriting credit for "Tribbles," David Gerrold if I remember it right.

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