Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogosphere 1 Left-Wing Fishwraps 0

My "favorite" UK publication, The Guardian, has this tendency to portray the United States and its policies in the worst possible light. Always blaring a headline about some injustice we've perpetrated on the rest of the victimized planet, The Guardian can be counted upon to be well-regarded journalistically at the same time it pushes its Michael Moore agenda.

So it was tremendous glee that I learned of this today:

The Guardian has terminated a reporter's one-year training contract after a blogger revealed the writer was a member of an extremist Islamist political party and had not declared his interest to the newspaper when he wrote for its comment pages after the July 7 attacks.

How many other undeclared anti-Semites and Islamists are writing for The Guardian? Also, it was interesting to see that Gonzo Georgie manages to get a mention as well:

In April, George Galloway alleged that a group organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir had sought to disrupt his campaigning in London ahead of the general election. The mob described the MP as a "false prophet".

Seems that selling out to al-Jazeera and Saddam hasn't won Galloway too many friends in the Muslim community, either.

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