Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ode to lists

My wife is a list-maker. Every Saturday we've got a list of things to do. For that matter, we've got lists of things all week long.

She says it helps her focus on what needs to get done. I say it helps her torture me by making me busier than I might otherwise be. To each their own I guess.

With my wife in California, all the arrangements for selling the house fall on me. That's the daily upkeep and routine stuff as well as any special one-time only projects (like say, landscaping emergencies) are on my plate. And there isn't a list to be found anywhere. Well, there is a sort of scribbled thing that doesn't prioritize or offer any explanation as to what the short-hand refers to. But that is not helping.

Meanwhile, I'm too pre-occupied with all of it; work stuff, house stuff and the wife-withdrawals to keep it all straight in my head! I need a list. My kingdom for a list!

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