Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Monsoons 2, Paul 0

This headline gives the impression that we haven't reached the official start of the monsoons here in the desert southwest. After watching the dew points for the last few days I'm not sure how you can't think we've in fact reached the beginning of the summer-storm season (monsoons begin officially when the dew point reaches 55 or higher on 3 consecutive days) since we've had storms on consecutive nights and the forecast calls for thunderstorms all week. But I'm not a meteorologist.

Regardless, don't tell my shrubs and trees that though, they'll simply laugh at you. I told you what waited for me when I got home on Sunday night. Round 2? A storm blew through right about the time I went to bed last night and when I checked everything this morning I noticed that one of the shrubs out front had gotten seriously mangled by the winds.

Just in time to list the house for sale this week. [sigh]

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