Friday, July 22, 2005

Talking Point Regurge

Carol in Prescott is suffering a serious case:

Regarding "What's left for lowly liberals to love" (Letters, Wednesday):On what planet is the letter writer living?

I seem to remember peace and prosperity in the 1990s. We had no deficit. We were not at war. We had the respect of most of the world. We did not have more than 1,700 dead American troops, more than 20,000 wounded or maimed, or an estimated 100,000 dead Iraqi citizens, and no plan to withdraw. Is this your "overwhelming" success?

Now, we have been lied to in order to justify the war, and we still have not found Osama Bin Laden who, if you remember, caused the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

We have administration officials leaking classified information to "punish" those who disagree with their views.

The stock market in the '90s was exactly where it is now. You can say unemployment is down, but just because an individual's benefits have run out doesn't mean he or she found a job, especially not one paying the salary he or she lost.

And as for media bias - excuse me? What about the Robert Novaks, Rush Limbaughs, Bill O'Reillys? If this is what makes the letter writer happy, I feel sorry for him.

Where to start? You decide...have at it if you like!

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