Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The observed life isn't worth living

I think that's how it goes. If not, I'm sure I'll get corrected.

Hugh made a "Rove is to Bush as Vince Foster is to Clinton" observation yesterday:

Bill Clinton drove a lot of conservatives crazy, and a lot of credibility was lost as a result. The same sort of meltdown is now under way on the left, an amazing overkill that probably has its roots in payoffs but which has dramatically overestimated the traction of their claims.

Sadly, I was one of them for a short time. I bailed out around the time this stuff started to get hot; it just wasn't credible and it bordered on an obsessive paranoia. I didn't like Clinton as President, but I had actual reasons for it. I didn't need innuendo about drug-smuggling and conspiracy to commit murder to feed my dislike. Bill did plenty of that just by showing up on my tv every day.

That's where the concept of the observed life comes in. I stopped because I knew it was taking me somewhere I didn't want to go. It's somewhere that many on the left have whole-heartedly embraced and have no qualms about inhabiting.

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