Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Overzealous vendor

In the course of a recent not-so-busy day I stopped to do some analysis of how exactly I use my time here at work. I came up with the following breakdown:

50% of the time I'm waiting on vendors. Waiting for databases to be built, questions to be answered or for some sort of special request to be met.

25% of my time I spend working furiously to meet my own deadlines after receiving said information from vendors.

The other 25% is spent killing time in various miscellaneous-yet-constructive ways. (KIDDING! Well sort of...)

It's come to my attention in the course of working closely with one particular vendor that he's a bit eager to please. We've been trading emails all day as I've tested their programming for one of our studies.

He's replied quickly and acquiesced to every request and correction. Even after stringing him along for a couple of extra hours while I waited for an answer on our end from higher-up.

I gave him our final instructions as of 3:15 this afternoon. His reply took only six minutes and included an obvious suck-up line.

Does he actually think I have any authority around here?!

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