Monday, July 25, 2005

Welcome to Moronica

I'm making up words now. This has been in the works for a while; every time I see something so ridiculous as to defy description, I find myself looking for an adequate descriptor of said absurdity. It's gotten to the point in the last several months that existing terms do no justice to the foolishness and idiocy I see.

In those last months I've found myself brought to this place, to a word that embodies the qualities of stupidity I see in some commentary from the left, professional and amateur. This word embodies the moronic commentary we see from all the folks suffering from Talking Point Regurge and treats it as an actual locale, a place where all those pre-disposed to thinking in Talking Points live together in peace and harmony. A place where the tech-bubble never burst, where the Clinton Foreign Policy team continues to keep us all safe and where your 401K is still worth a million dollars.

A place I call Moronica.

Today's newest resident of Moronica is Gerald from Cave Creek:

Back in the 1960s, when I was going to college, I had this idea that over time countries would merge toward a central point.

I thought Russia would look and behave more like the United States, and we would sadly look more like the "old" communist Russia.

Since then, Russia has had a revolution and has overthrown the communists and has some roots in democracy. Here, we now have many laws and spy agencies that look like they came from the old Russia, including the KGB.

These new spy powers for our government can be OK, if those in control are honorable. But there will be abuses. These abuses will bring a lessening of our democracy.

Time will tell how much of our democracy is being lost. Any amount is too much.

Gerald is convinced that as Congress considers renewing the Patriot Act, we take another step towards dictatorial totalitarianism replete with all the official state apparatchiks to keep it all in place. Even though he likely can't point to a single proven case of someone's civil rights being violated through enforcement of any of the Act's provisions.

Welcome to Moronica!

1 comment:

Simian Logician said...

Gerald would probably be astonished to learn that there were more abuses of the FISA courts under Clinton than under Bush....

'Moronica,' as you put it, seems to be driven by drumbeat conventional wisdom that goes unquestioned. For example "Clinton was an environmentalist." That's the CW. A close examination of the record would indicate lots of hot air but little action. Meanwhile, the Republicans, who are hostile to the environment, were the ones who founded the National Park system, created the EPA and passed the Clean Air Act. So there ya go...

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