Thursday, July 28, 2005

Everybody has a twin

When we first came to Arizona, my wife constantly made comparison between friends and acquaintances in California and people she was meeting here. It served as a frame of reference to help understand what people were like.

That further bolstered an argument that I make that asserts that everybody has a twin. For everyone there is at least one person somewhere out there that is physically similar and/or with a similar personality, disposition or temperament.

This does also. I first saw Alien as a teenager and have loved it ever since. My wife, God love her, knows this and was willing to humor me when she bought me a copy of the Director's cut recently.

With her out of town, I've had plenty of time to devote to such. So after finishing the Director's Cut, I moved on to the extras. Where I was immediately taken aback.

Ron Cobb, credited here as concept artist, could easily pass for one of my co-workers. Eerily so.

The only difference is one wears a goatee and the other a beard. It's uncanny, but not unexpected I guess.

Cuz everybody has a twin.

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