Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm cranky

Can't seem to get past it either.

This indefinite-bachelor thing is for the birds. The house isn't ready to list and I'm getting nowhere with getting it more-readier. At least so far.

How bad is it? I have to redo the touch-up painting I did last night.



Cdilley said...

I have come to realize touch up painting never works. It seems to make big shiny or brighter spots where it was just supposed to cover or blend the blemishes in with the wall so eventually you end up painting the entire wall just trying to fix your touch ups. They need to have special touch up paint that is aged making it match the old paint. Good luck on selling.

Paul Hogue said...


Actually, it's all me; we've got two shades of white--one on the walls and one for the doors/trim.

I used the trim stuff on a few spots on the wall and it is far too obviously not the right match.

Gonna have to re-touch with the actual wall paint. Not like I've got any other things I oughta be doing...


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